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Bounce houses for kids and toddlers

There are bounce houses that are not the giant play areas for crowds to jump in but are designed specifically for toddlers and very young children. These bounce house inflatables can be set up in a basement or living room or playroom and may cost quite a little.

One is called the castle bouncer, which is a small castle inflatable bouncer that a 3-year-old can play in every day. It's small at only 85 inches by 76 inches. This bounce house comes with a set of balls. It can also be a great source of backyard fun. You can set them in the backyard of your home if you have free space.

The small indoor bouncers for young children and toddlers have been widely used, and therefore, many parents have commented on their safety and practicality as well as their usefulness and durability. An inflatable bounce house can be a great place for a child to exercise instead of sitting in front of the TV.

1) One family who decided to buy an inflatable bounce house for their 2-year-old said they used it every day. After a couple of weeks, the inflatable bouncer got a hole, but they said it was easily repaired. Some bounce house owners have commented that your toy should not be overly filled because that can make them susceptible to damage.

2) Another mother has commented on buying one and being so happy with it that she has bought more than one over the years. She says that a bouncer if used daily or very frequently, will last about a year, but since the indoor varieties are so inexpensive, under $100, it's not an issue to replace them because children love them.

There have been a few parents who were unhappy with their purchase because they also had pets. Their bouncers had frequent holes due to pets entering the inflatable toy and causing them to deflate. It seems that if you have dogs and cats in the same space where you want to put a bouncer, this will not be a good idea.

An Indoor or outdoor bounce house The most popular bounce house appears to be the 5 in 1 Super Sports Inflatable Bouncer. It can be used indoors or outdoors, but if it is for indoor usage, then be sure that you have enough space because it is 10 feet by 10 feet by 7 feet high. Most owners have found it to be best outside. But it may be the best activity center in the house because it includes two basketball goals, six baskets along the walls, soccer and hockey goal and a volleyball net suspended in the middle.

Be careful with the hockey sticks. This is good for children over three years of age. Don't forget that children in bounce houses, no matter if they are completely enclosed and have mesh netting, will require adult supervision.